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Iraq, Operation Ready Lion deals a hard blow to the Islamic State in Makhmour

Operation Ready Lion deals a hard blow to the Islamic State in Makhmour. In a few days, 312 strikes and 27 terrorists killed. Among them also the local leader and the sniper chief

A large pocket of Islamic State jihadists has been closed on the Qarachukh mountain in Makhmour (Erbil). Iraqi sources have made it known, adding that targeted maneuvers are underway to eliminate it: the ISF-Peshmerga and Inherent Resolve Ready Lion operation. In recent days there has been a maxi wave of 312 strikes, as well as several special forces raids, as a result of which 27 terrorists have been killed. Among these are IS commander of the whole area, Amir Taher (aka Abu Jarnas), and the one of the snipers. Their death, coupled with the destruction of 120 shelters and tunnels, dealt a severe blow to the terrorists in the quadrant. The militiamen, in fact, suddenly lost both coordination and places to hide.

The IS jihadists between Iraq and Kurdistan are now weak and disorganized. New upcoming maneuvers are to be expected to permanently eliminate the terrorists’ pocket

The Islamic State between Iraq and Kurdistan is now in great difficulty. The Ready Lion operation, in fact, created two effects: on the one hand, it drastically reduced their operational capacity. On the other, it has increased their vulnerability, targeting “valuable assets” such as snipers, essential for maintaining superiority, especially in mountainous areas such as Makhmour. As a result, IS terrorists today are weak and poorly organized, as well as isolated and surrounded. It is therefore not surprising that there will soon be new maneuvers (air and land) in order to exploit the momentum to eliminate the pocket once and for all.

A video of the Operation Ready Lion


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