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Iraq, Operation Black Dust against Isis on the Qanus island is underway

ISF launch Operation Black Dust against isis on the island of Qanus in Slahuddin. The maneuvers were preceded by a strike by Inherent Resolve, who dropped 80,000 lbs. of bombs on the Islamic State positions

It’s called Black Dust and is the last operation launched by the ISF against Isis in Salahuddin, and in particular on the island of Qanus. The maneuvers began with a massive bombing of the Global Coalition, which dumped 80,000 lbs. of bombs into the area on Islamic State posts. At the moment it is not clear the death toll, but extension of the strike suggests that Daesh has lost many elements. Besides, it was Inherent Resolve who stated in a Twitter post that the place was infested with jihadists. The arrival of the land forces is now awaited, who will take care of cleaning up the quadrant from the remaining militia. The island was used by IS to hide its elements that moved from Syria and the Jazeera desert to Mosul, Makhmour and the Kirkuk region. It was a kind of oasis, where they were given help and logistical support.

A similar operation is also underway on the islands near Hamam al-Alil. Daesh uses these isolated places covered with dense vegetation to hide the jihadists arriving from Syria and from the west, bound for Mosul, Makhmour and Kirkuk

A similar anti-ISIS operation also involves Nineveh and in particular the islands on the Tigris near Hamam al-Alil, south of Mosul. First there were some air raids on Islamic State positions and now the ISF are cleaning up the area from the presence of the last Daesh militiamen. Unlike what happened in Qanus, however, air raids and attacks were more limited in order not to put the population living in those places at risk. The IS strategy, however, is identical. Use the islands as logistic bases and hiding places from which to move the jihadists to other cities of Iraq or to launch attacks against the security forces and the population. For terrorists this type of shelter was perfect: few civilians pass through them and they are covered by dense vegetation, which helps to conceal movements and structures.

The video of the Inherent Resolve strike on Qanus island


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