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Iraq, ongoing hunt for ISIS leaders to prevent attacks on protests

The ISF launch a hunt for ISIS commanders and ISIS logistics and support networks. Islamic State leaders arrested in Fallujah and Khalidiya

In Iraq, a hunt for ISIS leaders and logistics and support networks is ongoing. After the arrest in Mosul of the “Mufti” of the Islamic State, Shifa Al-Neama (aka Abu Abd Al-Bari), the security chief of Fallujah and a wanted Daesh terrorist in Khalidiya were captured. The first was responsible for several attacks on the ISF and the population in Anbar. The second, however, managed some deposits of weapons and explosives. The raids were made possible thanks to the information provided by some former militiamen and the intelligence work of Falcon Cell. The operations are added to that in Mosul, which led the Baghdad security forces to dismantle an entire cell of jihadists, who extorted money from the population with death threats, in order to finance their activities.

The goal is to reduce Daesh’s operational capacity, especially in the short term, to avoid attacks against anti-government demonstrations, which would fuel the escalation. This however penalizes other regions such as Kirkuk and Diyala

The hunt for ISIS commanders and the Isis logistics and support network has a specific objective: to reduce the operational capacity of the Islamic State, especially in the short term. This is to prevent jihadist attacks against anti-government protests, which are rampant in Iraq and which risk leading to violence. Indeed, Baghdad’s failure to comply with the ultimatum launched by the demonstrators will lead to an escalation. A Daesh attack would fuel tension, further exacerbating spirits and seriously undermining stability in the Middle Eastern country. Consequently, the ISF are acting on two lines. On the one hand, strengthening security in the cities (especially Baghdad, Nassiriyah and Basra). On the other, increasing efforts to neutralize IS threats in the bud. This, however, to the detriment of the other regions – Kirkuk and Diyala in the lead – where in fact the terrorists are raising their heads.

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