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Iraq, new attacks against US interests from Iran are feared. Also via Isis

While ISF strengthen security outside the US embassy in Baghdad, Washington is showing muscle against Iran, deploying an impressive military mechanism capable of intervening across the region in the event of an escalation

ISF special forces take sides to protect the US embassy in Baghdad after the escalation of attacks and threats between the United States and Iran, culminating in the assault on the diplomatic headquarters by sympathizers in Hashd al- Shaabi. In recent days, in fact, Inherent Resolve has hit several targets in Iraq, related to Tehran. From a Khathib Hezbollah base in Anbar to a secret installation in Qaim, at the border crossing with the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor. There are fears that there may be new attacks on American targets, using protests or Isis as an excuse. It is no coincidence that in the neighboring countries various US assets are in a state of maximum alert, ready to intervene if there is an imminent danger. Not just in Iraq, but across the region. From Tier 1 commandos in Jordan to fighters in Kuwait.

New attacks against the United States are feared, including through Isis, used as an unaware weapon. The Daesh militiamen have had unconscious contacts with Iranian emissaries in recent months

Baghdad and the ISF are trying in every way to ease the tension, employing large deployments of men and means, including the Falcon Cell to monitor Isis’ movements. As in the past, there is a risk that the jihadists of the Islamic State will be used as an unwitting weapon to target the United States. The risk of new attacks by pro-Iran actors, in fact, is extremely high, as Washington confirms. Hardly, however, Tehran will involve directly related structures or entities. It is much more likely that third parties or scapegoats will be employed. Just like the Daesh militiamen, who in recent months have had involuntary contacts with emissaries from the Islamic Republic, disguised as facilitators or friendly terrorists such as members of the White Flag group (aka “Rampant Lion”).

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