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Iraq, new anti-ISIS operation in Diyala. It joins Victory Will

A new anti-ISIS operation is starting in Iraq, joining Victory Will: That in Diyala in the mountains of Hamrin

In Iraq begins a new operation to eliminate the Isis cells left in the country, which joins Victory Will (Irada al-Nasr) between Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin. The new maneuvers are held in Diyala and in particular in the mountains of Hamrin, where the ISF had once defeated the Islamic State. It seems, however, that several groups have returned to hide in the area, imposing bribes on the local population and making attacks against both military and civilian targets. As a result, it was decided to eliminate the Daesh militiamen once and for all. Also avoiding that those fleeing Victory Will can find a safe haven in the quadrant. In fact, thousands of soldiers from Baghdad and members of the Shia Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF) militias are involved.

Meanwhile, the troops of Irada al-Nasr continue to advance within the territory of Isis between Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin. The maneuvers are in phase 2

Meanwhile, Victory Will’s troops continue to advance within the Isis desert territory. The fighters of the International Coalition in Nineveh have eliminated four militiamen of the Islamic State in al-Manayef, which is added to the other 16 killed in Wadi Kasb in recent days. Baghdad intelligence, on the other hand, arrested a member of security Daesh as he tried to infiltrate Mosul. Finally, four other jihadists lost their lives on the border with Syria during a confrontation with the ISF. The militants were trying to cross the border to reach their comrades in the al-Jazeera region. The maneuvers, now in phase two, now see the soldiers pushing into enemy territory. The objective is to close the terrorists in a limited area and then launch the final offensive against them.

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