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Iraq, NATO prepares to take over from Inherent Resolve in the fight against Isis

The NMI, the NATO mission in Iraq, could take over from Inherent Resolve in the fight against Isis. In this way, the activities would resume and the problem of permanence for the US military would be solved

NATO could soon replace Inherent Resolve in law enforcement activities in Isis in Iraq, thanks to a greater commitment. The plan is being studied in both Brussels and Baghdad and will help resolve the issue of US soldiers in the Middle Eastern country. These will simply change “cap” and as a consequence they will not need to leave it, as requested by the local Parliament. In fact, the body voted to expel the American military from the US-led Coalition and there is no reference to those from the Atlantic Alliance. Therefore, the takeover of the NMI mission would bypass the crisis and please everyone (except the Islamic State, which is trying to take advantage of the stop attacks and training). It is not by chance that meetings and talks (politicians and technicians) are multiplying in these days. Both in Iraq and elsewhere. The goal is to hurry not to give Daesh time to regroup and increase the threat level too much.

Talks intensify, both in the military and political spheres, so that the hunt for the Islamic State will resume as soon as possible

In recent days, the Iraqi army chief of staff has met with the head of the NMI mission, Canadian general Jennie Carignan. Focus: to discuss the possible expansion of NATO’s activities in the Middle Eastern country, both in advisory and training settings. The latter, however, has already begun to speak with the countries involved to evaluate possible increases in strength and capacity for the fight against Isis. Starting from Australia. In fact, Carignan had a meeting with General Susan Coyle, head of the Joint Task Force 633. There is no official news on Italy, but the Defense has recently confirmed that it will resume its planned activities. Furthermore, in all likelihood, the topic was discussed by Minister Lorenzo Guerini on his trip to the USA, where he held a series of institutional meetings at Congress, the White House and the Pentagon.

The goal is to prevent Daesh, which is reorganizing itself especially in the north east (Diyala and Kirkuk) from extending its influence in Iraq. IS, in fact, is not yet dead. Indeed, it is reorganizing itself

The urgency to remodel the NATO mission to Iraq as soon as possible is due to two factors: first, after the death of Soleimani, the priority of the US forces in the country has become to protect themselves from the attacks of the militants, rather than hunting Isis. In addition, there is an alarm that the Islamic State is reorganizing itself. Especially in the northeast, from Kirkuk to Diyala. This is also amplified by the poor coordination between the ISF and the Peshmerga, which allows jihadists to move quite freely between their respective border areas. This is confirmed by the increase in Daesh attacks in the dial. According to experts, in fact, IS still has a huge patrimony and about 15,000 elements available, also thanks to the refugees from Syria. In addition, it has started again the recruitments. As a result, it poses a growing security threat and must be stopped before it is too late.

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