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Iraq, maxi operation against Isis across the country. From Kirkuk to Salahuddin

Maxi operation against Isis throughout Iraq from Kirkuk to Salahuddin, passing through Nineveh. The Islamic State loses many elements, a leader and a facilitator. Furthermore, the ISF destroy 10 tunnels

Maxi operation in Iraq against Isis. The ISF of Baghdad killed 14 militiamen of the Islamic State and captured a high leader in Kirkuk, near al-Wehda, during maneuvers which were also attended by fighters of the International Coalition. Between Nineveh and Salahuddin, however, a network of 10 tunnels was dismantled and there was a violent battle, in which some Daesh jihadists lost their lives. Furthermore, an attempt to infiltrate the fundamentalists was foiled in Samarra. These, according to local sources, have tried to get to al-Adiyat, Zour Albu-Hammoud and Ain al-Helwa, aboard small boats. The soldiers, however, managed to intercept them and force them to flee. Finally, a smuggler tied to IS was arrested in Nineveh. The man, as himself confessed, worked to transfer elements of the group from Syria to Iraq.

In Syria, the birth of a buffer zone is approaching to prevent Turkey from invading the Kurdish region. Furthermore, the Coalition should continue to support SDF in an anti-Daesh key

Meanwhile, the security mechanism in support of the Kurds could soon be established in Syria. In fact, the Dutch government has announced that it has taken into consideration the US request made to 30 Coalition countries to continue to support Jazeera Storm’s SDF, in an anti-Daesh key. In addition, Germany had said yes to the plan to establish a security zone in the north east of the Middle Eastern country earlier this month. Finally, other nations of the group, even if in a reserved manner, expressed themselves in the same way in the past few days both on the buffer zone and on Isis. The objective, in fact, is to protect the Kurdish area not only from the Islamic State, but also from Turkey. Ankara has repeatedly threatened to invade the area east of the Euphrates, but so far has been stopped only by the US military presence in Manbij.

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