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Iraq, maxi ISF-Inherent Resolve operation underway against Isis

Joint anti-ISIS maneuvers of the ISF and the Inherent Resolve are underway. The last target attacked was an Islamic State compound at Lake Hamrin, hit with 4,000 pounds of guided bombs

In Iraq, the ISF and the Global Coalition have launched a series of operations against ISIS in various provinces. From Kirkuk to Salahuddin, passing through Anbar and Nineveh. Objective: to dismantle the Islamic State cells responsible for the latest attacks against soldiers and the population throughout the Middle Eastern country. Furthermore, work is being done to block jihadist groups fleeing Syria. The focus of the latest maneuvers was near Lake Hamrin, where the F-16 fighters of Baghdad dropped 4,000 pounds of guided bombs on a compound used by Daesh. At the end of the strike, the local military carried out a clearance operation and acquired intelligence material, judged to be of interest. In the mountains of Badush, finally, there were some bombings, which caused the death of numerous terrorists. The operations, however, are still ongoing in several provinces.

In recent days, Iraqi forces have captured the manager of Daesh logistical support in Ramadi and in the eastern area of ​​Anbar

Isis has suffered another blow in Iraq in recent days. The ISF have captured a jihadist, head of logistical support to the Islamic State in Ramadi and in the eastern area of ​​Anbar. The terrorist was wanted, and the Falcon Cell had been monitoring him for some time. Thanks to his capture, Daesh’s operational capacity to carry out attacks in Baghdad and Fallujah has been drastically reduced. The militiaman, in fact, was responsible for providing safe shelters, weapons and equipment to the groups that moved from the province to the center and north of the Middle Eastern country. Moreover, it appears that important information has already emerged from his interrogations that will help the intelligence to trace a detailed mapping of how the fundamentalists operate and are organized.

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