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Iraq, maxi ISF anti-ISIS operation underway in Makhmour

A maxi ISF anti-ISIS operation is underway in Makhmour. Here, together with Qara Chok and Hamrin, the core of the Islamic State in Iraq is hidden

In Iraq, a massive anti-Isis operation is underway in the Makhmour area. Intelligence believes that a large group of the Islamic State is hidden there. This terrifies the local population with raids on the villages and indiscriminate attacks, going as far as Hawija. It is no coincidence that the presence of Daesh militiamen on the Safat Road was detected. Following this, the ISF first bombed some jihadist shelters with artillery and mortars. Then, the drones of Inherent Resolve seem to have intervened, destroying several weapons, ammunition and devices depots. Finally, some army units have moved, carrying out raids, and hunting for terrorists’ hiding places. Here, together with Qara Chok and Hamrin, it’s believed the core of IS is hidden. In fact, both attacks and recruitment campaigns have increased for some time.

In Qaim and along the border attempts are being made to block the flow of Daesh jihadists from Syria

A similar anti-Isis operation has just ended in Qaim, on the border with Syria. Thanks to some reports from the Falcon Cell and the local population, the ISF have discovered a maxi ammunition depot of the Islamic State. The area is one of the main points where militiamen, weapons and equipment move from one country to another. Indeed, one of Daesh’s first suppliers has just been arrested in the Tal Al-Rummaneh district. The man had already been identified and was wanted. However, a significant increase in terrorist escapes from Syria to Iraq has recently been reported. This resulted in the strengthening of supervision along all borders, especially between Anbar and Nineveh, to block flows and a series of targeted maneuvers to neutralize logistic and support networks.

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