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Iraq, large-scale anti-Isis operation in Anbar begins

The ISF launch the “Heroes of Iraq” anti-ISIS operation in Anbar. Objective: to dismantle the Islamic State cells on the borders with Syria and Jordan

The ISF have launched a new large-scale operation against Isis: it is dubbed “Heroes of Iraq” and has the objective of dismantling the Islamic State cells in the province of Anbar, on the borders with Syria and Jordan. The maneuvers, according to local sources, are the continuation of “Victory Will”, which ended after eight phases. General Abdul Amir Yarallah, head of the Joint Operations Command (JOC) explained that the anti-Daesh offensive moves on five axes and that the troops on the ground have close air coverage (CAS). Thousands of soldiers from various units participate. The operation, however, takes place in parallel with that of the Peshmerga underway on the road between Erbil and Baghdad. Kurdish soldiers are working with Inherent Resolve to clean up the area, especially between Kirkuk and Diyala, from the presence of IS jihadists, who have recently increased attacks on the population as well.

In addition to trying to open an escape corridor from Syria, Daesh wants to extend its influence between Kirkuk and Diyala. Attacks on small villages and religious minorities are on the rise

Isis in Anbar and Nineveh aims to create a safe escape corridor from Syria to Iraq. This following the increasing pressure suffered by the SDF and Inherent Resolve in Deir Ezzor. Islamic State militants are trying to regroup and raise their heads, taking advantage of the ongoing tensions and protests, especially in the north east of the Middle Eastern country between Kirkuk and Diyala. Not surprisingly, they began again to target villages and religious minorities, less protected than larger pinhabitated centers. The last in order of time is that of Bahary Taza in the Khanaqin district. The toll was two Kakais killed and 10 ISF soldiers injured. Moreover, Daesh militiamen also detonated an IED while security forces tried to evacuate the victims.

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