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Iraq: JOCAT and OCATs, latest anti-Isis weapon, are almost fully up and running

The JOCAT and the three OCATs in Iraq are almost fully operational. The teams will see 58 Inherent Resolve military advisers from 14 countries, including Italy, with leads from France. Objective: to better train the ISF against Isis

Inherent Resolve’s Joint Operational Command Advisor Team (JOCAT) in Iraq is nearing completion. This is confirmed by his commander, Colonel Laurent. It is a team of 58 international military advisers, who will coordinate targeted anti-Isis training at the ISF within the Military Assistance Group (MAG). The headquarters (Union III) in Baghdad coordinates three OCATs (Operations command advisor teams), regional structures which for the first time will be set up expressly based on the specific characteristics of the areas where they will operate and which will host a dozen military members of the Coalition . The northern one is located in Erbil. JOCAT and OCAT have staff from 14 countries: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Finland, Italy, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, the United States and Hungary. Paris has the lead with the commander and positions of Intel Advisor, Chief of Operations for Movement & Maneuver, Fires Advisor and Air Advisor.

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