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Iraq, ISIS wants to hit the Shiite pilgrims of Arbaeen

Isis in Iraq wants to hit the Shiite pilgrims of Arbaeen. This is confirmed by the latest ISF operations against the Islamic State, which foiled attacks on the faithfuls

Isis in Iraq wants to hit the Shiite pilgrims of Arbaeen. This is confirmed by the latest operations carried out by the ISF in Najaf, Karbala and other areas of the Middle Eastern country. Objective: to stop the Islamic State cells that are planning attacks during the celebrations, which recall the anniversary of Imam Hussein’s death and which will begin on October 19th. In recent days a maxi bomb attack was foiled, thanks to the discovery of 750 kilos of explosives in a tanker. Then, there were several arrests of Daesh militiamen during targeted maneuvers. Finally, in Samarra the Baghdad army, in collaboration with the Falcon intelligence cell, killed two jihadists who wanted to blow themselves up during the pilgrimage. Kataib Hezbollah militiamen also blocked in Jurf Nasr an infiltration of terrorists, who tried to reach the Babil gate to attack the faithfuls.

That against Arbaeen is a real offensive, they are not attempts by individuals. This confirms that Daesh in Iraq still has a chain of command and that it is active

The Turkish offensive in Syria has galvanized the ISIS militants also in Iraq. Today they feel stronger and, despite being pressed by the ISF, try to raise their heads like in the neighboring country. As a result, Arbaeen was targeted as a striking action. What is happening, however, also confirms an alarming element. That the Islamic State, although defeated from the military point of view, still has a chain of command. This is also very active. In fact, a true offensive attempt is underway against the pilgrimage. These are not individual attacks, but an organized effort. This is demonstrated by the constant arrests and killings of Daesh militiamen, which took place in different places and days, but all share a single element. They want to hit the Shiite faithfuls. As a result, it is highly probable that infiltration attempts will continue soon.

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