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Iraq, ISIS under ISF attack from Salahuddin to Nineveh

An entire ISIS militia cell was eliminated in Mutaibijah, while four other jihadists died in Makhoul. Several ISF maneuvers underway at Salahuddin

The ISF hit Isis hard in Iraq. In recent hours, Iraqi special forces (ISOF) carried out a raid on Mutaibijah, in the province of Salahuddin, killing at least 15 militants of the Islamic State and capturing nine others. It was a large Daesh cell that operated throughout the region, both with attacks on soldiers and the population and plundering local inhabitants. Shortly before, in fact, the soldiers of Baghdad had eliminated four others in the mountains of Makhoul. These were responsible for the death of three brothers, kidnapped at the beginning of the year while they were looking for truffles. Moreover, the jihadists had told the family that the boys would be released in the village of Sheikh Ali. Instead, they killed them and placed explosives near their bodies to ambush the soldiers, fortunately foiled. Once the terrorists were identified, thanks also to the fact that they continued to raid the villages, they were intercepted and neutralized.

For Daesh, it’s no better in Nineveh: an operation by the Iraqi security forces against IS on the islands in the Hamam al-Alil district has just begun

Furthermore, in Mosul, an International Coalition air raid caused the death of eight ISIS militants. This in the context of the operation just launched to clean up the islands on the Tigris near Hamam al-Alil from the presence of the Islamic State. Before that the district of Nineveh province had been targeted by artillery shells against Daesh positions. Presumably, in the coming days the ground operations of the ISF will begin. Moreover, in the same area the Iraqi soldiers have recently also found some car bombs, ready to explode. The islands have become the territory of terrorists, escaped from security forces operations throughout the north of the country. These are used as logistic bases and to plan attacks in the quadrant. Furthermore, it is feared that they are one of the centers in which IS is trying to reorganize.

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