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Iraq, Isis under attack in the west with Operation Victory Will

The anti-ISIS Victory Will operation is in full swing in western Iraq. The maneuvers involve Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin

The ISF operation against Isis in western Iraq, called “Victory Will”, is beginning to bear fruit. Eight militants of the Islamic State were killed in two episodes squandered. One in al-Halkoum and the other south of Lake Senaysela, near the border with Syria. The first group of jihadists Daesh had infiltrated headed for Baghdad. The second, on the other hand, had infiltrated from the neighboring country. In a third action, other IS elements have lost their lives in Baaj. The group planned attacks against local security forces and the population. At the moment blitzes and raids are in progress in the provinces of Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin. Also participating are assets of the International Coalition, which provide close air support to troops on the ground.

In the north-east of Syria the International Forum on Daesh 2019 is underway, while the SDF are hunting down the cells of the Islamic State along the Euphrates

Meanwhile, in the north-east of Syria, the 2019 edition of the ISIS Forum has begun. Over 200 international lawyers, politicians and academics have gathered to discuss the next steps in the fight against the Islamic State with the SDF. In parallel, Jazeera Storm continues the hunt for Islamic State cells, especially in all the villages along the Shaddadi Road, which borders the Euphrates. In recent times there has been an increase in jihadist attacks in the area west of the river, controlled by the Syrian army (SAA). They are seeking new routes to infiltrate the eastern part of the country, both to launch attacks on Arab-Kurdish forces and the population and to try to cross over to the western Iraqi region. Here, in fact, there is a large IS resistance pocket. Object of the current Victory Will operation.

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