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Iraq: Isis under attack in Salahuddin, Nineveh, Ramadi and Falluja

Isis is under attack in several areas of Iraq. From Salahuddin to Nineveh, passing through Ramadi and Falluja. Goal: neutralize cells and facilitators

The Iraqi anti-terrorism forces (ISOF) carried out three targeted operations against Isis in various parts of the country. In the first in Baiji, north of Salahuddin, an entire cell of eleven IS terrorists was captured in less than two hours. The ISF Falcon Cell had been monitoring them for some time and as soon as a window of opportunity opened, the raid began. The other two, however, took place in Hit, north of Ramadi and in Falluja. In the first case, two brothers belonging to the group were arrested and in the second a militiaman. The little information provided and the large deployment of forces used suggest that they are high-level characters. They are probably facilitators who provided logistical support to the jihadists operating in the area.

The ISF have also launched a maxi offensive against IS on the island of Kanous, near Mosul, complete with floating bridges

Meanwhile, the ISF have launched a new maxi operation against Isis, this time in the Mosul area. In particular, Kanous Island, used as a base by some IS cells to carry out attacks throughout the province of Nineveh. In the past few hours, in fact, there have been heavy bombings with fighters and artillery on the tongue of land. In addition, Iraqi soldiers are preparing to mount floating bridges to carry out a land invasion and flush out the militiamen. The maneuvers involve hundreds of soldiers and aim to clean up the entire island. Moreover, it seems that, once the offensive is complete, a permanent ISF garrison will be established there to prevent terrorists from returning and creating new bases.

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