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Iraq, Isis tries to raise its head by exploiting the protests

Isis, after Syria, tries to raise its head even in Iraq. Militiamen of the Islamic State carry out two attacks against the ISF in Salahuddin, near the Alas oil fields

Isis, after Syria, tries to take advantage of the situation to raise its head even in Iraq. Islamic State groups attacked two checkpoints in Salahuddin, near the Alas oil fields, killing at least two members of the ISF. It is not clear if the goal was only to create chaos or if the militants are studying the enemy to prepare possible mass attacks on infrastructure. These were one of the main funding channels for jihadists, after Daesh conquered part of the nation in 2014. As a result, they could try to take them back. Above all, thanks to the fact that today in Iraq the situation is unstable. This was due to general discontent, which resulted in several protests with many deaths and injuries. Baghdad was forced to intervene with a package of measures, which, however, does not seem to have satisfied the population.

Meanwhile, There is fear the new protests next Friday, as Al-Sadr openly supports them. The security forces are in a state of maximum alert, also due to the danger of Daesh attacks. The militants want to catch their breath and fuel chaos in the country

Meanwhile, new protests in Iraq are feared next Friday. The ISF have been put in a state of maximum alert following the fact that the Shiite imam Moqtada al-Sadr has stood in support of the protesters and invited them to take to the streets on 25 October. He also asked the security forces not to intervene against them with violence, respecting the right to protest. By the way, he stressed that “they are neither ISIS nor invaders. Do not point weapons at him and do not arrest them. Prisons are for the corrupt and terrorists”. In this scenario there is the danger that the Islamic State would like to catch its breath from the pressing of the enemy and fuel the chaos. On the one hand with bomb attacks on demonstrators and on the other with blitzes far from the capital. Anti-Daesh vigilance has been strengthened along all the main lines of the country, but it is feared not enough.

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