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Iraq, Isis tries to extend its influence in Diyala

Iraq, Isis tries to extend its influence in Diyala, in the border area between the Kurdish and Baghdad jurisdiction. Attacks against ISF and Peshmerga are on the rise

Isis tries to extend his influence in Diyala by attacking both ISF and Peshmerga. The area for the Islamic State is strategic, as it is the border between the two jurisdictions and makes it easier to move jihadists and smuggling, necessary to finance Daesh. Consequently, IS is trying to expand the controlled territory in order to create a sort of safe corridor through which to transport goods, equipment and men. In the last hours, in fact, the militia hit two bases of the Iraqi army, killing five soldiers and wounding as many. The first in the village of Nofel (Miqdadiyah) and the second in Baldarus. In addition, they attacked a Kurdish patrol in Ryaz, on the outskirts of Kirkuk, causing the death of two soldiers. The raids, however, are not isolated. In recent days there have been other ambushes in the quadrant, which have caused several victims.

Baghdad soldiers and Kurdish forces react with two parallel and complementary anti-Daesh offensives

The reaction of the ISF and the Peshmerga was not long in coming. Iraqi soldiers have launched a new phase of the anti-Isis Victory Will operation, which involves Salahuddin, Kirkuk, Samarra and Diyala. The Kurdish forces did the same in Garmiyan (Kifr). By the way, not surprisingly, they sent numerous reinforcements to the area in recent days, especially south of the district. The common goal is to reduce the room for maneuver of the Islamic State to the point of eliminating all resistance pockets. First of all by destroying the jihadists logistics and support networks, as well as their shelters and the tunnel networks used to hide. Then, crushing them on the border between the two jurisdictions. Finally, definitively neutralizing what remains of Daesh in the quadrant, thanks to a joint offensive between the Baghdad and the Kurdish military along the common border.

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