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Iraq: Isis threat escalates, especially in Kirkuk

Iraq: Isis Threat Escalates, Especially In Kirkuk

The threat of Isis in Iraq is intensifying, especially in Kirkuk. For two days in a row, Islamic State militants attacked the ISF in Daquq. Other raids also on Salahuddin

The threat of Isis in Iraq is intensifying, especially in Kirkuk. For two nights in a row, the ISF have been attacked by the Islamic State in Daquq, where the militiamen appear to be moving freely. It is no coincidence that the villagers of the area are arming to defend themselves from the incursions of the Daesh groups. Baghdad downplays the threat, stating that the security situation in the province is stable. On the ground, however, the signs indicate something else. In recent times, especially thanks to the escalation of tensions in the country, jihadists have started to raise their heads again. In fact, they are attacking elsewhere too. The latest raids took place in Dujail (Salahuddin) against an army check point (Fourth Emergency Regiment) and on the border with Syria. Here the goal is different: to create a safe transit corridor between the two nations.

Daesh tries to raise his head in Iraq in hopes that Inherent Resolve will leave the country

The ISF have resumed chasing Isis in Iraq, aiming primarily to hit the logistics and support network for jihadists in different areas of the country. But the threat from the Islamic State is far from being eradicated. According to analysts, the most problematic provinces are Kirkuk and Diyala, which are joined by the western ones on the border with Syria. Daesh is increasing its activities pending multinational forces to leave the country. This, in fact, would allow jihadists to strengthen considerably and expand their activities. Not only in Iraq, but also in neighboring nations and across the region. As a consequence, in fact, international appeals are multiplying (also in the Arab world) so that there is no sudden departure of the military of Inherent Resolve.

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