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Iraq, ISIS targets the command centers of international drones

New ISIS attack on Baghdad international airport. The new strategy of the Islamic State in Iraq is to hit the airports, where the ISF and Inherent Resolve are based

Isis tries to raise his head in Iraq, attacking the ISF and the forces of Inherent Resolve. Baghdad international airport was targeted again by Islamic State militiamen after rocket attacks against the airport occurred in recent days. This time, however, there are no victims. Same fate for the airport of Qayyarah in the province of Mosul, hit by 15 rockets. Both facilities host local and international troops. The jihadist offensive against infrastructure is growing and began with the bombing of Ain al-Assad. This meant that the United States sent a giant column of reinforcements from Jordan. The media speak of over 500 military vehicles. The air base, the largest in the Middle Eastern country, is indeed strategic. Not only for internal anti-IS operations and in Syria. But also to monitor the entire region.

Daesh’s goal is to damage the command and control centers of enemy drones. The UAVs, in fact, are a thorn in the side for jihadists seeking to recover operational capacity

There are no official confirmations, but it seems that Isis is attacking the airports in Iraq, hoping to hit the command and control centers of Inherent Resolve drones. These, in fact, represent a thorn in the side for the Islamic State, heavily limited in its movements. Furthermore, their ability to attack from the sky does not allow the Daesh militia to react or prevent strikes. Finally, the information provided by the international Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) provides a tactical and strategic advantage to the ISF, which with the new phase of Operation Victory Will have started to press the jihadists again. As a result, the operational capacity of the latter is drastically reduced, however at the least opportune moment. And that is while protests are taking place throughout the country that, if properly exploited, would allow IS to fuel chaos and increase influence.

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