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Iraq, ISIS targets anti-government protests in Baghdad

ISIS targets anti-government protests in Iraq. Car bomb explodes near Baghdad Tahrir Square. The attack was planned and probably will not be the last

Isis, as expected, is targeting protests in Iraq. In recent days, a car bomb exploded near the central Tahrir square in Baghdad, where hundreds of demonstrators had gathered. The attack by the Islamic State caused three deaths and one wounded, but the assessment could have been much worse. The carnage was avoided thanks to the fact that the ISF have sealed the areas where the demonstrations are moving, closing them to traffic and carrying out capillary checks in all access points. A series of Daesh attacks, in fact, were given for certain. Both as revenge for the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria and as a massive operation is underway in several regions of the Middle Eastern country, which is causing heavy damage to IS. As a result, the jihadists had to give a signal, which probably will not be the last.

Four other close relatives of al-Baghdadi are captured in Turkey. After the first excellent arrests it is hunting to dismantle the family and protection network of the self-proclaimed Daesh Caliph

Meanwhile, the hunt for al-Baghdadi relatives continues in Iraq and in neighboring countries. In recent hours the Turkish police have captured four other close relatives of the self-proclaimed Isis Caliph. They were arrested during an operation in Kirsehir province. Ankara press, which reports the news, does not however specify who they are or what degrees of kinship the arrested with the leader of the Islamic State have. What is certain, however, is that some of the first al-Baghdadi relatives are collaborating with the authorities to expose the family and protection network of the  former maximum Daesh commander. So far one of the wives and father-in-law had been captured, as well as a sister. All between Syria and Turkey.

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