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Iraq, Isis suffers a serious blow: medicines chief is caught

ISIS suffers a serious blow in Iraq: the ISF capture the head of medicine supplies and warehouses of the Islamic State

The ISF capture another ISIS leader in Iraq: the medicine chief. The man was taken into an operation aimed at Tal Abita (Nineveh). It was believed to manage all drug supplies and stores during the reign of the Islamic State in the Middle Eastern country. His arrest is a serious blow for Daesh, as a key element in the logistics and support network for the militiamen in the field has been eliminated. In particular, in a key sector, fundamental for the survival of the jihadists. In fact, these are periodically injured during the clashes with Baghdad and Inherent Resolve forces, but for obvious reasons they cannot go to the hospitals. As a result, they need to take advantage of alternative structures and drugs made available by their networks. No longer being able to dispose of them, therefore, will create significant damage to the operational capacity of terrorists.

Meanwhile, Daesh tries to open a safe escape corridor from Syria. The pressure of the SDF in Deir Ezzor and the fluid situation in Iraq have convinced the jihadists to seek refuge in the country

Meanwhile, Isis tries to open a safe corridor between Syria and Iraq. In the past few hours, some Islamic State militants attacked an ISF outpost on the border between the two countries, killing a soldier and then fleeing where they came from. Daesh, increasingly pressured by the SDF and the US-led Coalition in Deir Ezzor, aims to transfer the bulk of men and resources to the neighboring country. This is because the situation, at least for the moment, is favorable. Baghdad is busy discussing the future of the US military presence with Washington and the hunt for jihadists has slowed down sharply. Thanks to it, the terrorists raised their heads and increased attacks in several areas. Furthermore, they are gathering forces along the line that divides Iraqi Kurdistan with the rest of the nation.

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