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Iraq, ISIS still targets protests in Baghdad in search of revenge

ISIS seeks revenge on the ISF maxi operation in Iraq with three bomb attacks in Baghdad. Objective: to hit the protests and boost the climate of tension. But the operational capacity of the Islamic State has recently been drastically reduced

ISIS tries to take revenge on the ISF maxi operation underway in Iraq with a series of bomb attacks in Baghdad. In the past few hours the capital of the Middle Eastern country has been shaken by three explosions, which have caused at least six deaths and numerous injuried. The first occurred in the district of Shaab, the second in Bayaa and the last in Baladiyat. Objective of the Islamic State was to feed the climate of tension and general insecurity, hitting the protests that continue throughout the nation and that so far have caused over 300 deaths and 16,000 injured. The operational capacity of Daesh, however, as a result of the maneuvers that are affecting the cells and their logistic networks, has been considerably reduced. Not surprisingly, the three attacks took place in peripheral areas (north, south-west and east) and not in the center, where demonstrations are underway.

Meanwhile, anti-Daesh maneuvers continue, especially in Kirkuk and Salahuddin. In the first province a jihadist commander was killed, while in the second the commandos go hunting for mountain tunnel networks

Meanwhile, the ISF-Inherent Resolve maxi offensive against Isis in Iraq continues, mainly to Kirkuk and Salahuddin. In the first province, local security forces killed the Islamic State commander for the Rashad sub-district, Ghanem Aziz Al-Jawali, in a raid. In addition, six Daesh jihadists died in a firefight in Wadi al-Karha. According to local sources, they had tried to break a police checkpoint. In the second, however, the anti-terrorist forces in Baghdad with the air cover of the International Coalition carried out a raid on the Khanoukah mountains in the Shirqat district. Objective: the destruction of a series of tunnels, used by militia to hide and move without being identified. Previously, similar maneuvers had taken place in Makhoul.

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