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Iraq, Isis still attacks the PMF en masse southwest of Mosul

Hashd Al-Shaabi (PMF) militia repelled another Isis mass offensive in western Iraq. This time the area targeted by the Islamic State was southwest of Mosul, in the Al-Khatheer desert

Isis is still trying to massively attack the pro-Iranian Hashd Al-Shaabi (PMF) militias in Iraq. After the raid in recent days on the border with Syria, the Islamic State has launched a new offensive against the PMF. This time the area involved is southwest of Mosul, in the Al-Khatheer desert. The death toll is currently unknown, but it has been confirmed that the Daesh attack has been foiled. In fact, despite having fought for over an hour, the jihadists failed to break the defense lines of the PMF and were rejected. In addition, the para-military force launched a counterattack, which put terrorists on the run. They probably left Nineveh province to hide in Anbar, or headed to the border with the neighboring country.

Daesh is stepping up attacks in Iraq to open an escape corridor from Syria. Objective: to transfer the jihadists especially to the north-east, where the group’s core is believed to stay

The exponential increase in Isis attacks in the west and north of Iraq has a specific meaning. The Islamic State is trying to create safe passageways from Syria, where the pressure on the jihadists by the SDF and Inherent Resolve has become almost unsustainable. As a result, they must quickly leave the area to move to safer places, such as the north east (especially Kirkuk and Diyala), where there is a large Daesh pocket of resistance. Here, according to intelligence, the militia is trying to regroup and raise its head to extend its influence. In fact, there has been a growth in recruitments and indoctrinations. Furthermore, its logistic and support networks all point in this direction. Not surprisingly, the ISF have intensified its operations to dismantle the IS cells, especially in Makhmour and Hamrin, where there are believed to be several groups and hiding places for terrorists.

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