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Iraq, Isis pressed by simultaneous operations at Anbar, Diyala and Nineveh

A series of operations to dismantle Isis cells is underway in Iraq. In Ramadi, the ISF push on Lake Tharthar, while in Diyala on the Hamrin one. Also starting an offensive against the Islamic State on the islands near Hamam Al-Alil in Nineveh

In Iraq there is a lot of excitement over a series of anti-ISIS operations that have begun or are about to start. Besides the one in Anbar, north of Ramadi on Lake Tharthar, the PMF have launched the “Ashura” maneuvers. Objective: to eliminate the Islamic State cells on Lake Hamrin in Diyala. Furthermore, a similar offensive to Nineveh will start shortly. The ISF aim to clean up the islands on the Tigris near Hamam Al-Alil from the presence of the Daesh elements. By the way there were already mortar attacks on the village of Salahiyah and arrests of some militiamen. In parallel, blitzes and spot actions continue in various parts of the country to dismantle jihadist groups and facilitators, so as not to allow them to reorganize and launch attacks. Especially against the population. The last occurred a few hours ago in Baghdad and caused deaths and injuries.

In Syria, SDF continue to hunt Daesh groups. Jazeera Storm blocks one in Busayrah and foils an attack against the military council of Deir Ezzor

In Syria, meanwhile, SDF operations continue to dismantle Isis cells, especially in the province of Deir Ezzor. In the last hours a group of three elements of the Islamic State was captured by Jazeera Storm in Busayrah. In recent days, however, the Arab-Kurd special forces (HAT) have foiled an attack on the Deir Ezzor military council. This thanks to some blitz in the village of Umar Al-Ali and in the city of Kasra. Furthermore, maneuvers are underway at Dhiban and Shahil. They are all localities along the Shaddadi road, which runs along the Euphrates. This is the favorite triangle of the Daesh militia, coming from the desert of Badia al-Sham, to infiltrate to the East. It is no coincidence that the area was the scene of numerous excellent arrests. Not just IS jihadists, but also logisticians, facilitators and finance leaders.

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