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Iraq, Isis now has to deal with infiltrators as well

The ISF have dismantled an important ISIS cell, which operated in Mosul, infiltrating it. It is the first time that such an event has been officially confirmed

ISIS in Iraq now also has to deal with infiltrators. An important cell of the Islamic State was just dismantled in Mosul, thanks to the fact that some elements of the ISF had crept into the group and provided information to their colleagues on how to stop the jihadists. The operation was carried out by the military intelligence division of the 16th brigade, in cooperation with the 007 of the army. The same security forces confirmed this in a note sent to the press. Daesh militiamen operated in the Mosul Dam, in rural areas near the city and at the Al-Kuwair bridge in the south. It is the first time that soldiers have confirmed that they have entered IS inside the Middle Eastern country, as Kurdistan 24 reports. So far, only the elements of the Falcon Cell had managed to do it, but not so deeply.

What has happened will increase the climate of mistrust within the Islamic State and will reduce Daesh’s operational capacity in Iraq and beyond

For Isis, what happened in Mosul represents a new danger. Until now, the Islamic State jihadists in Iraq and Syria had had to protect themselves mostly from the local population or from some element they wanted to betray. In fact, no enemy had ever managed to infiltrate the groups so deeply, so much so that they were able to dismantle an entire cell in a very short time. As a result, the climate of mistrust will increase within Daesh, especially towards new recruits and those fighters who come from afar or are little known. This will further weaken the operational capacity of the IS cells, already proven by the campaign of arrests of leaders and facilitators, aimed at neutralizing the logistics and support network. This recently had a surge in targeted operations in several provinces of the Middle Eastern country.

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