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Iraq, Isis loses two large explosives depots in a single day

Isis loses two important explosives deposits in a single day. One was in Zawiya (Salahuddin) and the other in Daquq (Kirkuk). IS stocks of C4 and IED were stored there for the attacks in Iraq

Isis loses two major explosives deposits in a single day in Iraq. The ISF discovered and destroyed them with the support of Inherent Resolve. One was in the desert of the Zawiya (Salahuddin) region. It contained 35 plastic bags with C4, fuses, detonators and five explosive belts. The other was found in Daquq, Kirkuk district. Inside were stored 50 improvised devices (IEDs), recently prepared by IS specialists to carry out attacks against the military and the local population. At the same time, soldiers arrested a terrorist from the group in the west of Mosul with a targeted operation. There are no further elements, but it is believed that he was a prominent character at least in the province of Nineveh. Documents and technical equipment were also found in the raid, now being analyzed by intelligence.

Meanwhile, the PKK attacks the Peshmerga in Kurdistan. There is a risk of escalation

Meanwhile, in Iraqi Kurdistan there is a new fact: elements of the PKK attacked the Kurdish Peshmerga in the district of Amedi (Dohuc), causing several injuries. In particular, the extremists targeted a military post near Chamanke. The PKK had threatened violent action in recent days, following an escalation involving the region, but it was not expected that it would actually take action against internal targets. The situation deteriorated after the militiamen damaged the pipeline from Kurdistan to Turkey. As a result of this, oil exports to the neighboring country stopped. The problem is that this is the main entrance for the Region, even more fundamental at a time like this caused by the economic crisis and the Covid-19 emergency. As a result, the action was strongly condemned and the hunt for those responsible began.

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