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Iraq, Isis loses nearly 5,000 kilometers in Salahuddin in a few days

In just a few days, Isis lost almost 5,000 kilometers of territory in Salahuddin, thanks to the Heroes of Iraq operation

The ISF have cleared about 4,800 square kilometers from the presence of Isis in the province of Salahuddin, as part of the third phase of the “Heroes of Iraq” operation. Objective: to find the hiding places of the militants of the Islamic State. Thousands of soldiers participate in the maneuvers, including elements of the “Qwat al-Khasah” special forces, the Emergency Response Division, the Air Force, the Shiite paramilitary militias (PMF) and intelligence agencies. The offensive began last Monday with an Inherent Resolve raid on some Daesh positions between Smarra and Kirkuk. Afterwards, forces intervened on the ground, capturing over one hundred jihadists and destroying 11 tunnels, used to move men and equipment in the shadows. Finally, 89 villages were actively cleaned, including in the Makhmour / Qarachokh mountain area and 29 operating sites were destroyed. In the face of dozens of terrorists killed, the ISF have lost only two elements, while ten others have been injured.

The maneuvers against the Islamic State were carried out by the ISF in cooperation with Inherent Resolve. Objective: to destroy the shelters, as well as the logistics and support network of Daesh

It is unclear whether the third phase of Heroes of Iraq has ended. What is certain, however, is that the pressure on Isis has increased exponentially. Not only in Salahuddin, but also in the nearby provinces of Diyala, Smarra and Kirkuk. The ISF are working with Inherent Resolve to thwart attempts to raise the head of the Islamic State and in parallel hit the Daesh logistics and support network. Not only in Iraq, but also in Syria where the SDF guarantee border surveillance to prevent jihadists from moving between the two countries. Not surprisingly, when the first phase of the maneuvers was launched, the Kurdish forces at Deir Ezzor intervened to seal the dial.

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