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Iraq, Isis loses its commander to Hamrin in the ISF offensive

The ISF kill Isis’ leader in the Hamrin mountains and four militiamen. The raid is part of the ongoing maxi offensive against the Islamic State in the Diyala area

Isis in the Iraqi Hamrin mountains loses a high commander and four militiamen, thanks to an ISF raid. Anti-terrorist forces in recent days had launched the offensive in Diyala province, following information on the fact that the Islamic State was planning to build a base in the area. Indeed, it appears that the eliminated Daesh leader was at the head of all the jihadists in the quadrant. These, however, planned to extend their influence by attacking nearby areas. The objective of the maneuvers, in which the International Coalition also participates by providing air support, is not only to stop the terrorists. But also to destroy all caves, tunnel networks and shelters where they hide. Here a large group of fundamentalists converged, regularly assaulting local villages and extorting “taxes” from residents to finance themselves. These represent a real danger both for the region and for the whole Middle Eastern country.

In Syria, Russian fighters carry out raids on Daesh positions in Deir Ezzor, after the jihadists attacked a convoy of the SAA and its allies in the desert of Badia Al-Sham

In Syria, however, it is confirmed that the Isis fugitives from Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, after the defeat against the SDF, concentrated in the desert of Badia Al-Sham. Here in recent days they attacked a convoy of the Al-Quds Brigades and of Damascus soldiers (SAA), killing at least 14 soldiers and guerrillas. The aggression of the Islamic State would have taken place near Bir Ali. Following this, the Russian air force intervened, carrying out a massive bombing on Daesh positions. These, meanwhile, to the east of the Euphrates, continue to be targeted by Jazeera Storm, which is pursuing its hunt for humans against sleeper jihadist cells. In the last hours they have captured a group that placed improvised devices (IEDs) on the roadsides with the aim of hitting civilians and destabilizing the areas.

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