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Iraq: Isis loses in Mosul an important cell, also made up of women

The ISF neutralized an important ISIS cell in Mosul, which also included some women. in parallel, Baghdad fighters bombed Islamic State posts in the Hamrin mountains

The ISF neutralized an important ISIS cell in Mosul, which also included some women. Iraqi soldiers, after receiving information from Falcon Cell about the presence of a dangerous Islamic State group, raided a building in the west of the city of Nineveh province. The operation led to the arrest of some jihadists, including two women, and the seizure of weapons, ammunition, explosives and several documents deemed of great interest by Baghdad intelligence. In parallel, Iraqi fighters bombed some Daesh posts on the Hamrin mountains in Diyala. The strikes targeted shelters and a network of tunnels, used by militants to hide and move without being detected. It is unclear, however, how many terrorists died in the attacks.

A group of Daesh militiamen attacks wrongly a village of Peshmerga in Makhmour: the militiamen have been defeated and driven out, with losses

Meanwhile, Isis responds to the ISF offensive with suicide attacks and tries to extort the population in north, but without success. In the past few hours a shahid blew himself up in a police post in Baiji (Salahuddin), killing four officers and injuring another. In addition, a member of the Islamic State attempted a similar action against the army in the same province, but the suicide attack was foiled. In Makhmour (Erbil), however, a Daesh cell raided a village in order to steal resources and extort local inhabitants. These, however, took up arms and rejected the jihadists. The militiamen did not know, in fact, that the residents were all Peshmerga. The Kurdish fighters, as soon as they realized the danger, immediately intervened facing the enemy and forcing it to flee, moreover after suffering various losses.

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