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Iraq, Isis loses another important leader in Salahuddin

The ISF killed Talib Garw Al-Azawy, high Isis leader, in Salahuddin. The Islamic State commander lost his life along with four of his men in the Hamrin mountains

Isis loses another major leader in Iraq, following a military intelligence operation at Salahuddin. The ISF carried out a targeted raid on the Hamrin mountains, killing a high leader of the Islamic State and its escort (four men). The man was called Talib Garw Al-Azawy. Moreover, during the maneuvers, which involved ground and air forces, nine Daesh militia shelters in the area were also destroyed. Al-Azawy commanded a group of jihadists who were reorganizing in the mountains and planned attacks on the population. Another offensive, furthermore, led to the arrest of two IS members in the village of Al-Salaha in southern Mosul. These were part of Jund al-Khilafa and  were the locals themselves who reported their presence to Nineveh’s security forces.

Meanwhile, Baghdad works to protect Karbala and Arbaeen from Daesh attacks and to begin the sixth phase of Operation Victory Will

In parallel, the ISF are working on two fronts in anti-ISIS efforts. The first is the sixth phase of Operation Victory Will. Preparations have been completed and the next few days are expected to announce the start of the maneuvers. The second, instead, is the Arbaeen security. The celebrations, which commemorate the anniversary of Imam Hussein’s death, will begin on 19 October and will attract thousands of Shiite pilgrims to Karbala. There is therefore a high risk that the Islamic State will attempt to make spectacular attacks on the occasion. Especially since there have already been worrying episodes recently. From the explosion of a minibus in the city to the discovery of 750 kilos of TNT. This belonged to the Daesh militia and was destined to be used against pilgrims.

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