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Iraq, Isis loses 42 members and a leader in 48 hours

Isis loses 42 members in less than 48 hours. It is the result of the ISF Sweeping Torrent operation, which led to the destruction of the IS headquarters on the Tigris

Isis loses 42 members in Iraq in two days due to a massive ISF offensive in Ayn al-Jahash. Code name of the maneuvers: Operation Sweeping Torrent. Objective: to track down the cells of IS jihadists, who are hiding in the Tigris area south of Mosul. On the list of the victims of the militiamen, however, there are also the governor (wali) of the Tigris sector, Abu Mahmoud, and the media manager. The soldiers, with the support of Inherent Resolve, also discovered and destroyed several fortified tunnels, as well as seized weapons, ammunition, explosives, electronic devices and a large amount of money. According to intelligence, in fact, the operation led to the discovery and destruction of the main terrorist headquarters in the quadrant.

In Kirkuk, however, one of the most important female ISIS leader was captured

In Kirkuk, however, the police arrested one of the most important Isis brides, who in the past held high-profile positions within the group. No information has been provided as to her generality, but it is known that she was captured in Zaab, Hawija sub-district and that she was head of the IS financial department in the Iraqi province. In addition, she has been married twice, both to terrorist commanding moose. These, unlike what you think, have given great importance to women. Both for recruitment and propaganda and as fighters (especially during the various battles in Iraq and Syria) and martyrs to carry out attacks. It is no coincidence that real female cells have been created, led by a “Princess of women”.

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