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Iraq, Isis loses 39 militants in a maxi battle in Khanoukh

At least 39 ISIS militants, including prominent leaders, lost their lives in a battle against the ISF that lasted more than 10 hours in the Khanoukh mountains. The operation aims to neutralize the Islamic State cells in the area

At least 39 ISIS militiamen, including some important leaders, died following a maxi ISF operation in Salahuddin. The Iraqi military launched a violent attack on Islamic State jihadists in the mountains of Khanoukh and waged a fire fight that lasted over ten hours. At the end, two tunnels were discovered. One was a weapons and ammunition depot and the other housed a Diwan Al-Mal. A sort of Daesh financial office, where IS funds were collected and managed. Furthermore, intelligence has found various equipment and documents inside, which are deemed of great interest. Both ground and special forces (ISOF) and air components are participating in the ongoing maneuvers. At the moment, the soldiers are clearing the whole quadrant to prevent possible attacks from behind and find any fugitives.

In parallel, the ISF have increased surveillance on the border area with Syria and along the Euphrates, from Anbar to Salahuddin. This is to prevent Daesh infiltrations and the strengthening of jihadist groups in the north east

In parallel, the ISF are also increasing patrols in the border area with Syria and along the Euphrates, from Anbar to Salahuddin. The goal is to block Isis infiltration attempts. The Iraqi military wants above all to prevent Islamic State groups present in the north east of the country from strengthening further, increasing the level of threat. It is no coincidence that anti-Daesh activities are carried out on a double track. On the one hand there is the aerial component, which monitors the dial from above and communicates any alerts to the troops. On the other, there are several military units, deployed at strategic points in the area of ​​operations, who intervene to check whether it is a false positive or a concrete danger. In Qaim, finally, the presence of soldiers was reinforced also.

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