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Iraq, Isis infiltration attempt from Syria thwarted thanks to Inherent Resolve

An attempt of Isis infiltration from Syria into Iraq was foiled thanks to Inherent Resolve. The Coalition provided the ISF with observation towers and thermal cameras

An attempt to infiltrate Isis jihadists from north east Syria into Iraq was foiled. This was confirmed by the spokesman of the JOC, General Tahseen al-Khafaji. The senior officer explained that the militiamen were intercepted thanks to the new technology provided by Inherent Resolve. In other words, observation towers equipped with thermal cameras. These were added to the constant overflights by drones in the border area between the two countries, allowing terrorist movements to be detected and the exact coordinates to be provided to the ISF assets. The soldiers simply waited for the group and attacked them, forcing them to turn back. In addition, the Coalition has warned the SDF that they have begun to rake the area between the eastern part between Deir Ezzor and Hasaka in search of fugitives.

West of Deir Ezzor IS changes strategy after the arrival of Russian soldiers, by focusing on mines and IEDs

Meanwhile, west of Deir Ezzor the anti-Isis offensive of the Syrian army (SAA) continues with the support of Russia, which supplies the air component and soldiers. The Moscow fighters in the past few hours have destroyed some hiding places of the jihadists in the Badia desert, near Palmyra. In addition, the allied SAA militias are sending additional reinforcements to the area. The IS terrorists, on the other hand, reduced ambushes after the arrival of Russian troops, focusing more on “remote attacks” with improvised devices (IEDs) and mines. This, as the response of the new enemy would be different from that encountered so far and the members of the Islamic State want to take as little risk as possible.

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