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Iraq, Isis increases its presence in Kirkuk on the Kurdistan border

Isis increases its presence west and south of Kirkuk on the Kurdistan border. Boom of attacks in the area. Villages empty for extortions and kidnappings

Isis increases its presence west and south of Kirkuk, along the border with Kurdistan. Local sources denounce this, according to which there has been a boom in attacks by jihadists in the quadrant. This is due to the fact that many displaced people from the war against IS reside in Hawija and militia families infiltrated them, providing them with support. Not surprisingly, the Iraqi security forces have carried out a raid in the city in recent days, capturing six terrorists. Among these was the person in charge of the “checkpoints” on the border with Kirkuk. In addition, Baghdad intelligence has found that an increasing number of fundamentalists are gathering along the internal borders. These move between Makhmour, Qaraj plain and Al Kuwair. The confirmation comes from the fact that many of the local villages have been emptied due to extortions and kidnappings for profit.

Baghdad reacts to growing danger with new Falcon Cell commander and targeted raids against IS leaders and logistics and support networks

Meanwhile, the ISF are closing ranks to counter the growing ISIS threat in the area. On the one hand, Baghdad has made replacements at the top of the key units engaged in the hunt for jihadists. First of all, the Falcon Cell, whose command Hamid Rashid was appointed in place of Abu Ali Al Basri. On the other hand, targeted operations against logistics and support networks, as well as the IS leadership, have increased. In the past few hours, Iraqi forces have carried out a raid on Al-Khandaq Al-Saghir (Makhmour, Nineveh) arresting a high-level Islamic State commander. This was a trainer of the elite militia veterans: from the Al-Kawasir Division to Al-Qaqaa and Al-Yamamah forces. There are no further details on the operation, but it seems that the man was also connected to the terrorists operating in Kirkuk.

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