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Iraq: Isis, continuing to lose ground, takes revenge with bomb attacks

Victory Will between Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin and the operation on the Hamrin mountains in Diyala are advancing against Isis. The Islamic State takes its revenge with the IEDs and the bomb attacks

Isis continues to lose ground in Iraq. The Operation Victory Will (Irada al-Nasr) of the ISF between Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin is pushing into the territory of the Islamic State in the desert. Furthermore, maneuvers in the Hamrin mountains in Diyala have decimated the militia leadership. In parallel, Daesh continues to lose key character in logistics and financing. The goal is to isolate the militants from every point of view, closing them in a small area, so as to launch the final attack. The jihadists, failing to fight the enemy on a military level, retaliate with the IEDs and the bomb attacks. The last occurred in Baghdad and caused some deaths and injuries among the population. In fact, civilians are “guilty” of not supporting IS and helping soldiers to find terrorists.

Meanwhile, Baghdad continues to transfer the children of Daesh foreign fighters to their home countries. To date 473 have been deported. However, the government is demanding more efforts from the nations

Meanwhile, the Iraqi government continues to return the children of Isis foreign fighters to their countries of origin. So far 473 of various nationalities have been deported. From Russia to Tajikistan, passing through Azerbaijan, Germany, France, Ukraine, Turkey. The little ones are transferred as soon as possible. Those young people, who have instead been part of the Islamic State, must first serve their sentences. Once finished, the bureaucratic process proceeds for their expulsion from the Middle Eastern country. However, the Foreign Ministry in Baghdad calls on all states to intensify their efforts to receive the children again. Whether they are only the sons of foreign Daesh militiamen or who have also joined the group.

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