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Iraq, Isis also lost the war of culture: the University of Mosul is reborn

Isis in Iraq has lost not only military but also cultural war. The University of Mosul comes back to life. Many departments were completely rebuilt and thousands of young people asked to register for the 2019-2020 academic year

Isis in Iraq has not lost the war only from the military point of view. But also cultural. The confirmation comes from the fact that the University of Mosul, almost destroyed by the fighting between the ISF and the Islamic State, has returned to life. An article by Rudaw confirms this. The structure, in fact, was used as a barracks by militiamen, who barricaded themselves inside during the Baghdad offensive. Daesh, however, was thrown out in 2016. Since then the reconstruction of the university was started immediately. And to date the departments of Science, Engineering, Accounting, Education, Art and Business Administration have been completely restored. Others, however, are still in the process of being renewed, but the works do not stop. It is no coincidence that the academic year 2019-2020 is about to begin and there have already been about 15,000 applications for enrollment by students.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State is hunted by the ISF between Anbar and Salahuddin. In addition, the planning of the sixth phase of the anti-Daesh Victory Will is underway

Meanwhile, the preventive operation of the ISF continues against Isis. The maneuvers, which began north of Rawa, have now moved between Anbar and Salahuddin. Here the Baghdad fighters bombed some Islamic State posts, killing 12 militiamen and destroying three vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition. These were probably destined for the various Daesh groups operating in the Iraqi region and who are short of resources, thanks to the various phases of Operation Victory Will. In fact, the offensive has not only aimed at terrorists. But also the supply networks, the facilitators and the infrastructures used by IS to hide men and materials. The battle, however, is not over. In fact, the sixth maneuver phase is being prepared. At the moment, however, the details of the area that will be involved and the troops employed still remain secret.

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