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Iraq, Isis ad Hamrin is closed in a siege by Baghdad troops

In Iraq Isis is locked in a siege on the Hamrin mountains. The ISF have taken all the streets and tighten the circle on the Islamic State in Diyala

In Iraq the large group of ISIS militants in Hamrin has been encircled in a siege. The ISF have conquered and secured all the streets of Diyala in the direction of Odhen and the mountains. These were used to launch attacks and kidnap civilians for extortion. Now the anti-terrorist forces have gradually begun to tighten the circle on the jihadists of the Islamic State, to prevent there being escapes. In parallel, the Baghdad’s fighters are destroying the Daesh tunnel network in the area and providing close air support (CAS) to troops on the ground. In fact, just a few hours ago, some twenty IS elements were killed in Air Force raids. These follow what caused the death of Muhammed Salman Dawd, head of the terrorists in the quadrant, and of four of his lieutenants.

In Syria the SDF intensify the manhunt for the Daesh fugitives. Jazeera Storm discovers a maxi jihadist weapons depot in Baghouz

Meanwhile, in Deir Ezzor the SDF are continuing the manhunt of the Isis fugitives and the searches in the liberated cities. In a raid in Baghouz the Syrian fighters found a large abandoned weapons depot belonging to the Islamic State militia. In addition, several Daesh documents were discovered, immediately sent to the intelligence for analysis. In parallel, the International Coalition is carrying out targeted raids in the province against isolated jihadist cells. The goal is to neutralize them before they can carry out attacks against Arab-Kurdish forces and the population. This, since after the final defeat, IS has transformed itself from an army to a guerrilla and the jihadists do not hesitate to hit the SDF patrols and the civilians. Whether for revenge or to finance itself. By the way kidnappings along the Iraq border are on the rise, where many locals go to collect truffles.

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