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Iraq, ISF-Peshmerga maxi operation against Isis begun

Maxi operation of the ISF and Peshmerga against Isis. Maneuvers underway in Nineveh, Diyala, Kirkuk and Erbil. Many elements of the Islamic State have already died

The ISF and Peshmerga have launched a maxi operation against Isis in different regions of Iraq. From Nineveh to Diyala, passing through Kirkuk and Erbil. Objective: to find and neutralize the Islamic State cells that could exploit the ongoing demonstrations throughout the country to hit civilian targets and further exacerbate the already fragile situation on the general security front. In recent days, the soldiers carried out a harsh offensive, with the support of Inherent Resolve, in Makhmour. Here, thanks to the work of the Falcon cell that identified the jihadists’ hiding places, 14 strikes were conducted, following which dozens of militiamen died. In addition, 15 terrorists lost their lives in a military raid south of Mosul. Finally, others have been eliminated in the districts of Jalawla, Qaratappa and Mabazili (Hawija).

Objective: to flush out the Daesh groups hidden in the mountains. The Kurds press the jihadists from the north, while the ISF-Inherent Resolve from the south

In fact, according to intelligence, most ISIS militants in Iraq are hiding in the mountains or on the Nineveh plain. At night they descend into the valley to move or smuggle weapons, resources and men to organize attacks especially against the population. The Kurdish Peshmerga are in the same quadrant, monitoring the jihadists of the Islamic State and precluding them from escaping to the north. The ISF and Inherent Resolve, instead, wait for them to leave their shelters to hit and neutralize them. In fact, the Daesh fundamentalists are closed in a pincer maneuver. It is a combined action that is bearing good fruit and could soon develop further. Indeed, Baghdad and Erbil are discussing how to deepen anti-IS cooperation. Both at military and intelligence level.

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