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Iraq, ISF-Peshmerga-Inherent Resolve attack Isis in Hamrin and Makhmour

ISF, Peshmerga and Inherent Resolve launch a maxi operation in Hamrin and Makhmour to destroy ISIS weapons depots and the jihadists’ ability to move towards Kirkuk

The ISF and Inherent Resolve target Isis logistics and movement routes in the Hamrin mountains. In the past few hours, there have been several air raids by Iraqi forces and the Coalition in the Salahuddin governorate, which have led to the destruction of IS weapons, ammunition and explosives depots. In addition, several passages and roads, to move around the area, have been made unusable by jihadists. Objective: to prevent them from launching attacks especially towards Kirkuk and the border with Kurdistan. Not surprisingly, there was a parallel operation also on the Gwer-Makhmour front which caused the death of ten militiamen and the destruction of several tunnel networks, used by terrorists to move around and hide weapons and equipment without being detected. The maneuvers also involved the Peshmerga and the international special forces, who carried out roundups in at least 13 caves in about 48 hours.

The maneuvers were born thanks to the discovery of detailed IS documents on Kanous Island

The latest operations by the ISF and Inherent Resolve against Isis were born thanks to intelligence information. In particular, IS documents seem to have been found on Kanous Island, south of Mosul, which allowed analysts to draw a very clear picture of the organization of jihadists in the Iraqi quadrant. Inside them would be the names and locations of important bases, as well as the routes to get there and some maps of the tunnel networks. The data, once confirmed, were used to plan the maneuvers which, presumably, will continue in the next few days. Local sources, in fact, explain that it was an exceptional and very precious find, which must be exploited immediately so as not to miss the opportunity to deal a very hard blow to the terrorists.

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