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Iraq, ISF dismantle an ISIS cell that supplied SIM cards to militia in the desert

Iraq, ISF dismantle an ISIS cell specialized in providing SIM cards to Islamic State militiamen hidden in the Hadr desert

In Iraq, anti-terrorist forces have dismantled an Isis cell, focused in providing SIM cards to militants in the Hadr desert, between Anbar and Nineveh. The Islamic State group, which also includes a woman, was captured north of Baghdad thanks to a series of intelligence information. These, however, also came from Diyala, where the ISF are conducting a maxi operation against Daesh in the Hamrin mountains. During the maneuvers several jihadists were blocked and interesting documentation was found, from which it seems that elements were taken to support the investigation. The group in the capital had specific tasks: the three men had to buy SIM cards and hand them over to other facilitators, who would then hand them over to others. Instead, the woman was in charge of distributing funds to them. Together with them were found over 600 SIMs, hidden in olive oil cans and silicone tubes.

Objective: to allow Daesh fighters in the desert to communicate with the fugitives in Syria. Meanwhile, the ISF and the SDF in Deir Ezzor increase the vigilance along the borders between the two countries in the MERV

Meanwhile, both in Anbar and in Deir Ezzor operations continue to block possible attempts to escape the ISIS militants from Syria to Iraq in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV). The SDF and the ISF are coordinating to patrol the borders and carry out targeted human hunts. The Islamic State jihadists, after being finally defeated by Jazeera Storm in Baghouz, in fact point in two directions. Or west of the Euphrates, towards the desert of Badia Al-Sham or east, in the direction of that Hadr. In both places, in fact, there are large Daesh groups, composed of elements escaped from the battlefields in the two countries. They try to communicate with other comrades, hidden in different areas, to get together and reorganize.

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