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Iraq, ISF and Inherent Resolve target Isis bases under construction

ISF and Inherent Resolve target Isis bases under construction in Salahuddin and Diyala. New operations are underway against jihadist training camps and hideouts

New ISF operation against Isis in Salahuddin and Diyala. Numerous Iraqi army assets are converging in the Sarsar Valley for a series of raids against IS cells. The anti-terrorist forces have specifically targeted training camps and secret bases of jihadists, many of which are still under construction. Field operations are also supported by the air component of Inherent Resolve and have so far led to the destruction of some tunnels, caves and buildings, as well as weapons and ammunition warehouses. In addition, an auger, used by militiamen to dig tunnels, was discovered and neutralized,. Several arrests of terrorists belonging to the “Iraqi Province” have also been made. Finally, a group commander was captured while trying to leave the area where a raid was underway, near the Naryn River.

IS, as CENTCOM confirms, is still a real danger. It still has a lot of funds and without prolonged pressing, it have the potential to regain control of the ground in a relatively short period of time

For the US and Iraq, in fact, Isis has not yet been defeated. Although the jihadists have lost the war from a military point of view, they still have many resources. General Frank McKenzie, head of CENTCOM (the US Central Military Command) confirmed this to the Wall Street Journal. “The Islamic State is still full of liquidity, despite last year’s setbacks – he explained -. It has financial reserves and a range of revenue streams that US and Western security officials warn could contribute to a dangerous renaissance. Furthermore, “the underlying conditions that allowed the rise of IS remain”. The terrorists “continue to aspire to regain control of the physical terrain and, without prolonged pressing, have the potential to do so in a relatively short period of time.”

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