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Iraq, is Isis behind the escalation of violence related to the protests?


Is there Isis behind the escalation of violence linked to protests in Iraq? Some elements suggest that the Islamic State is trying to feed tensions between demonstrators and ISF, in order to ease chaos and ease pressure on Daesh groups

Is Isis trying to fuel chaos in Iraq by taking advantage of protests and reactions from local security forces? Some analysts speculate this, stressing that in the beginning the Islamic State tried to target the protesters. Then, however, the attack attempts decreased suddenly and for no apparent reason. Instead, incidents of violence between demonstrators and the police have increased, with each side accusing the other of fomenting them. This suggests a change of strategy by Daesh to push the escalation, in order to create insecurity and distract the attention of “enemies” from the hunt for jihadists. In support of this thesis there are some “suspicious” attacks, of which the last one saw someone throw a grenade at a group of agents in Baghdad at Al-Khilani Square, injuring two.

Baghdad confirms that armed militiamen are among the demonstrators. In addition, “suspicious” episodes increase. While investigations are underway to find out if Daesh is actually behind the incidents, protesters are asked to monitor and report any infiltrators

Further confirmation of the suspicions that Isis may be behind the resurgence of the violence linked to the demonstrations, there is the fact that the launch of the grenade is the second episode of this type and that the two attacks took place recently, as well as at a short time from each other. Furthermore, according to Iraqi intelligence, armed militants infiltrated the demonstrators. It is early to be sure that they are members of the Islamic State, but there are strong suspicions about it. By the way, confidential investigations have been launched to acquire elements that confirm or deny the Daesh matrix behind the escalation. In the meantime, the ISF are asking the demonstrators to be vigilant to find out about any infiltrators and to denounce all those groups that damage their cause.

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