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Iraq, Inherent Resolve transfers the Taji base to the ISF

Inherent Resolve yields to ISF Camp Taji, the most important training base for anti-Isis operations in Iraq

Inherent Resolve records a new success in the fight against Isis in Iraq. The international military of the Coalition handed over the Taji base, the largest and most important in the Middle Eastern country, to the ISF in a ceremony on 23 August. This is due to the fact that local forces are proving increasingly capable in operations to eliminate the Islamic State cells. Not surprisingly, a re-organization was established in July according to which the multinational contingent became a “Military Assistance group” (MAG). In this context, a gradual reduction of soldiers is envisaged, to the advantage of greater specialization in the capabilities provided, and a consequent transfer of the no longer strategic bases. The goal is to qualitatively improve training at all levels, deepening tactical and strategic aspects essential for the success of the anti-Daesh campaign. Close air support (CAS) and maneuver planning, however, continue.

The facility, worth 347 million, is the eighth to have been handed over to Baghdad since last July. Up to 2,000 instructors from 13 countries and NATO have operated there, training over 47,000 Iraqi soldiers to fight Daesh

Camp Taji has seen over 47,000 ISF members train in anti-Isis operations. The base housed up to 2,000 Inherent Resolve elements, most of which left the facility in the summer of 2020: instructors from Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and NATO. In addition, a Spanish helicopter battalion was housed there. Over time, in fact, it has become the main training center in Iraq for the war against the Islamic State, acquiring equipment and infrastructure for a value of 347 million dollars, transferred to Baghdad along with the entire base. Moreover, Taji is the eighth “camp” that has been handed over to the Iraqi government by the anti-Daesh Coalition since July.

Photo Credits: Inherent Resolve

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