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Iraq, Inherent Resolve moves to a new phase in the fight against Isis

Inherent Resolve moves to a new phase in the fight against ISIS: the Military Assistance group (MAG) is born: a smaller number of international forces, but more specialized, which will guarantee high level mentoring to the ISF

The Inherent Resolve mission in Iraq evolves, moving to a new phase: the Military Assistance group (MAG). The international military will therefore focus mainly on mentoring and advising the ISF in the war against ISIS. Following this, the Coalition forces will be reduced and their presence in the Middle Eastern country reorganized. At the same time, however, specialists in various sectors have been added, who will refine the work done so far in the fight against the Islamic State. The goal, in fact, is to qualitatively improve training at all levels, deepening tactical and strategic aspects essential for the success of the long-term anti-Daesh campaign. The MAG will be composed of advisors from 13 Coalition countries, who will work with local authorities in an area of ​​Baghdad. They will be led by the Marines General Ryan Rideout.

Anti-Daesh Close Air Support (CAS) operations, however, will remain. Here’s how the MAG is organized

Inherent Resolve’s advisors teams will provide specialized mentoring to Iraqi forces in the areas of operations, logistics, intelligence and other military functions related to the fight against ISIS. The MAG will include a Joint Operational Command Advisor Team and two Operational Command Advisor Teams, which will focus primarily on the high-level efforts (staff and leadership) of the ISF. Soldiers on the ground, however, will not be left alone. In fact, close air support (CAS) and that in planning maneuvers to neutralize the Islamic State will continue. Some bases will also remain operational to support local partners in the field. The management of the anti-Daesh maneuvers, however, is formally in the hands of the troops of Baghdad, who in 2020 have already carried out over 1,200 independent operations to dismantle Daesh in the Middle Eastern country.

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