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Iraq, Inherent Resolve kills 20 Isis militiamen in Makhmour

Inherent Resolve deals a serious blow to Isis in Iraq. At least 20 Islamic State militants died from several raids on Mount Qarachukh and west of the Kwshaf village. Meanwhile, the Peshmerga move on the ground

Isis suffered a massive blow in Iraq, due to Inherent Resolve. Coalition fighters bombed the Makhmour area, killing about twenty members of the Islamic State. There have been at least 15 raids, carried out against some Daesh dens on Mount Qarachukh and west of the village Kwshaf. The attack was followed by other strikes in Makhoul, which took place just a few hours ago, and are part of an ongoing offensive by the Peshmerga against the jihadists who took refuge in the quadrant and recently increased the aggressions on the military and the population, trying to raise their heads. The maneuvers, however, are complementary to the third phase of the Heroes of Iraq operation, launched only a few days ago by the ISF. This insists on all Salahuddin.

The Kurds, however, in addition to Daesh, must also fight Iran that carried out the “Martyrs of Muslim Kurds” operation from Chehel-Cheshme on the border with Iraq

Meanwhile, in addition to Isis, another threat has been added to the Kurds: Iran. The Tehran’s revolutionary guards (IRGC) carried out a massive military operation from the Chehel-Cheshme mountain province to the Iraq border. Objective: to attack fighters who ask for rights and Kurdistan autonomy. Name of the operation: “Martyrs of Muslim Kurds”. The dial, however, had already been the scene of hard clashes between the two sides in early May. In that case it was the Kurdish fighters who attacked the IRGC and the latter responded by bombing the enemy positions. With these maneuvers, however, the Islamic republic has also gained another advantage. It discouraged Daesh militants from taking refuge in the area and using it to move to the neighbouring country.

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