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Iraq, Inherent Resolve ends its “combat” phase against the Islamic State

Inherent Resolve ends its “combat” phase against the Islamic State in Iraq. The international mission after six years becomes mentoring and advising. Objective: to refine the ISF capabilities to neutralize the pro-ISIS jihadists

Inherent Resolve ends its combat mission phase in Iraq and turns into a mentoring and advising mission to local troops (ISF) against the Islamic State. The transition, as the Coalition itself announces, took place by the end of the year, as envisaged by the agreements between the United States and Baghdad. However, the right to self-defense will remain for the international forces. In the event of an attack by pro-ISIS jihadists, they will be able to react and neutralize the threat. The transition took place six years after the birth of Inherent Resolve (2014), when the Middle Eastern nation was largely in the hands of the former Daesh. Over time, the international military has managed to make the ISF independent and to ensure that they were able to effectively counter terrorists. Now, in the new phase, specialized skills will be developed: from intelligence to air operations, support, through fire coordination and planning.

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