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Iraq, imminent offensive against Isis-White Flags at Kirkuk and Tuz Khurmatu

An operation to definitely destroy Isis and White Flags in Kirkuk and Tuz Khurmatu, is ready before they extend their influence

In Iraq an operation on a large scale against the last pockets of Isis resistance and the new terrorist formation called “White Flag”. The maneuvers will take place in Kirkuk and Tuz Khurmatu. The Army of Baghdad, the federal police and the sciite paramilitary militia PMF will be part of this operation. It seems that the intelligence has already identified the positions of the militiamen of Daesh and of the “Rampant Lion” near the two cities. According to the authorities of the middle-eastern country, both the formations have committed violent crimes also recently. Moreover, there is a risk that they extend their influence up to the northern quadrant of Niniveh. It seems, in fact, that a few groups connected to the two organizations are already operating in the north of Mosul, the ex capital of the Islamic State in the nation.

The last threat to security in Iraq comes from “White Flags” , connected to Ahrar al Sunna and Ansar al Islam, as well as to Daesh

In Iraq Isis is a well known presence, while the “White Flag” group is rather recent. It appeared for the first time towards the end of 2017; its name comes from their flag: white with a rampant lion in the centre. The formation, which counts hundreds of militiamen, is tied to Ahrar al Sunna and Ansar al Islam, once affiliated to al Qaeda and later to Daesh. Baghdad is afraid of the “rest” of the militiamen of the Islamic State, who have escaped from the battle fields in the country. The terrorists were recognized thanks to a series of actions in Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah, but are extending their activities also to other areas of the southern nation. This is achieved by exploiting the increased tension between Iraqi Sciites and the Sunnis forces, of which the “White Flags” are part.

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