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Iraq, hard blow to the Isis leadership by ISF-Inherent Resolve

The ISF and Inherent Resolve deal a severe blow to the Isis leadership in Iraq. Many IS commanders captured or eliminated across the country, from Anbar to Kirkuk

Hard blow to the Isis leadership in Iraq by the ISF and Inherent Resolve. In recent days, there have been several operations that have led to the arrest of prominent IS members across the Middle Eastern country. One was responsible for the propaganda of the jihadists. He produced videos and broadcast them through Amaq. Another was among the terrorist leaders in Salahuddin, while in Kirkuk an explosives expert from the group, who in the past had also held other top positions, was captured. Finally, four of the most prominent commanders in the Samarra district were killed in another operation. At the same time, however, the Coalition eliminated a financier of the militiamen and captured another element in Rutba, in the province of Anbar.

Meanwhile, Baghdad is strengthening vigilance along the borders between Iraq and Syria. Objective: to stop the infiltration of terrorists

In addition, Baghdad has ordered the ISF to strengthen surveillance on the border with Syria to stop ISIS infiltration. This is after days ago groups of militiamen attacked targets of the Damascus army (SAA) in Deir Ezzor’s Badia al-Sham desert, moving from the neighboring country. The most dangerous area is the one from Qaim in the west to Jordan. Several IS cells operate here, coordinating with their comrades and commanders in Syria, via mobile command centers. Once activated, they move across the border to hit targets and then immediately return to their bases. Consequently, any attempted reaction by the SAA is useless, as the enemy has already disappeared by the time reinforcements arrive in the quadrant.


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