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Iraq, Esper: I suspect Iran is behind attacks on US bases

US Defense Secretary, Esper: I suspect there is Iran behind the attacks on our bases in Iraq. The hypothesis that it was the work of Isis falls

There may be Iran and not Isis behind the recent wave of attacks on US military bases in Iraq. It has been stated by US Secretary of Defense (DoD), Mark Esper, to the press while on return from his trip to Belgium and Luxembourg to commemorate the 57th anniversary of the Battle of Bulge. “My suspicion is that there is Iran behind these attacks, most likely (Tehran, ed.) It is behind many malign behaviors in the region, but it is difficult to pin down,” said Esper, who also spoke about the issue with the Baghdad’s premier: Adil Abdul-Mahdi. In a telephone call, the US DoD secretary expressed his concerns about the attacks, pointing out that US soldiers will defend themselves. At the same time, however, he asked that local partners take pro-active actions to ensure the safety and control of the areas involved.

In recent months there has been an escalation of aggressions against American air bases in the country. From Ain Al-Assad to Baghdad international airport, to Qayyrah. A military source: The perpetrators are the militiamen of Kataib Hezbollah, members of the PMF

The attacks against US military bases in Iraq, originally attributed to ISIS, have grown exponentially in recent months. The last occurred against the international airport of Baghdad, the airport of Qayyarah in the province of Mosul and Ain al-Assad in Anbar. This meant that the United States sent a giant column of reinforcements from Jordan. The media speak of over 500 military vehicles. The last air base, the largest in the Middle Eastern country, is indeed strategic. Not just for internal anti-Daesh operations and in Syria. But also to monitor the entire region, with a particular focus on Iran. According to military sources, quoted by NPR, the attacks are the work of Kataib Hezbollah, a militia sponsored by Tehran, part of the Shiite al-Shaabi (PMF) paramilitary forces. These operate mainly in the west of the country, but their units can move without problems as considered ISF.

The attacks by pro-Iran militia on US bases in Iraq have two objectives: on one hand, to create begin parallel actions of harassment against the enemy. On the other, to neutralize the drones, a thorn in the side for Tehran’s interests in the region. This especially because UAV information is shared with Israel

According to several analysts, the objective of attacks on US military bases is twofold. On the one hand, Iran wants to carry out parallel actions of harassment towards the enemy nation. On the other, instead, it aims to damage the command and control centers of American drones. Unmanned aircrafts (UAVs), in fact, represent a thorn in the side for the interests of the Islamic Republic, not only in Iraq but throughout the region. Furthermore, the information gathered by UAVs is then shared with Israel, which carries out periodic raids on “friendly” positions, including in Syria. Therefore, they must be neutralized. Moreover, attributing raids to Isis is easy. The Islamic State militants, in fact, are trying to raise their heads in the area and have increased attacks on civilians and soldiers. Furthermore, for propaganda purposes Daesh claim any action, even if it is not its work. Consequently, a “false flag” is very easy in this case and is convenient for everyone.

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