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Iraq, anti-ISIS operations underway in Nineveh and Kirkuk

The ISF have launched an anti-ISIS maxi-operation, still ongoing, in Nineveh and Kirkuk. In the first province there were already several arrests in Mosul. In the second, over 130 IEDs were seized from the Islamic State

The ISF have launched a maxi operation against Isis in Nineveh and Kirkuk. The goal is to dismantle the sleeper cells of the Islamic State in the two Iraqi regions and the jihadist support network in the center and north of the Middle Eastern country. During the maneuvers, still in progress, at least five Daesh militiamen were arrested in the province of Mosul. These, thanks to information provided by the local population, have been identified and captured in al-Bakir, Zahra, Quds and Nahra. In Kirkuk, on the other hand, there were several simultaneous raids on terrorist hiding places, which led to the seizure of large quantities of bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). In all, over 130 IEDs, two explosive belts and many rockets were found. The operations started after the last IS attack in the provincial capital.

The US, after the Daesh attack on Ain al-Assad airbase, sends reinforcements to Iraq. According to local sources, about 500 military vehicles arrived from Jordan. The structure is strategic, not only for the fight against IS

Meanwhile, the US strengthens their presence in Iraq in an anti-ISIS key. According to local sources, about 500 US military vehicles were transferred from Jordan in the past few hours. These were deployed in the province of Anbar at the air base of Ain al-Assad, which in recent days was fired attacked, presumably from elements of the Islamic State. The action did not cause casualties or significant damage to the structure, but Washington also decided to increase its security. This is because this is the largest air base in the Middle Eastern country and is strategic. Not just for internal anti-Daesh operations and in Syria. But also to support other Inherent Resolve partners and to monitor the entire region.

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